Tuan Sing is a real estate property development, hotel investment and property investment company. It has its headquarters centrally situated at the heart of Singapore, with over sixty subsidiaries and asso-ciates across South-East Asia, Australia and China. Tuan Sing Holdings is the developer for the freehold development at 1 Jalan Remaja Road.

It serves a large volume of customers across this region, providing residential, commercial and industrial properties that innovative and in high demand from its customers.

Tuan Sing Holdings Integrity and Core Values

Tuan Sing believed deeply in four core values that drive the company’s creativity and innovation. These four qualities include:

• Excellence: A commitment to developing and building the best properties out there in the market.
• Integrity: A commitment to act with high ethical and moral standards in every way they go about their activities
• Teamwork: A commitment to cooperation and collaboration across different sectors and industries.
• Attitude: A commitment to hard work, humility, and creativity in every activity the company partakes in.

It is the commitment to this vision that has led to the development of iconic, one-of-a-kind, excellent quality properties, and the best of its kind in the market. The group possesses numerous awards for its track record of producing innovative projects that transform the society; some of them include the unforgettable five star rated hotel properties situated in Australia.

Residential Properties by Tuan Sing Holdings

The Sennet Residence was launched in March 2013 and has been a spectacular wonder for the world, designed by MKPL Architects. It’s made of 3 blocks of nineteen story buildings and 1 block of five-story condominium houses with available reaching up to 332 residential units plus 2 basement car lots, roof terraces and so much more facilities for you to enjoy.

This ninety-nine-year leasehold land property is seated on an area of 8664 sq. located just after the Potong-Pasir MRT station and is overlooked by the Sennett-Estate.

Commercial Properties by Tuan Sing Holdings

The Oxley is a 10 story building, a combination of both commercial and residential building located just along Oxley-Rise, the building sits across the entertainment, shopping, and hotel-belt of orchard road. The building is made up of commercial-premises, residential units, and a 3 basement car park. The Tuan Sing group developed and currently owns the building, up to 3 stories of office space.

Century Warehouse is an 8 story free-hold warehouse property located within at 100E Pansir-Panjang Rd, at close proximity to the famous landmark Pasir-Panjang MRT station. It has a retail center that provides lots of good food and beverages. The Tuan Sing Group owns close to thirty-one out of the total thirty-five units in the building.